About Our Company

Clear Bridge Biomedics has been a leader in genetic testing services for years. Through our partners, we can provide genetic testings, screenings, and counseling for a range of genetic diseases, including cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s, and an array of cancers.

Clear Bridge Biomedics also offers several pharmacogenetic and epigenetic tests that help patients narrow down their medication ranges and eliminate potential side effects while informing clients how to live a happy, genetically healthy life.

Comments from our products

I’ve never felt better. After ordering the epigenetic test, Clear Bridge sent me a personalized health packet that told me what foods I needed to eat more of and how much to exercise. 

Janet McDyne

Epigenetic Test

I registered for the free cardiac genetic test and was directed to their Kardia Guard partner. They were very helpful and answered every question I had about the test. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Stewart

Cardiac Genetic Test

I had never heard of a pharmacogenetic test before my doctor recommended I take one. Clear Bridge’s pharmacogenetic test was a lifesaver. Quick, easy, and informative!

Anthony Sark

Pharmacogenetic Test