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Epigenetic Testing

Our bodies are constantly changing, even down to our very genes. Epigenetic testing will help you learn how to change your gene expression through everyday lifestyle changes, leading to a longer, healthier, happier life. 

epigenetic TESTING

Genes our the body’s building blocks, and most people don’t know that gene expression – how genes influence our body – can change based on our environment.  Epigenetic testing shows you how your gene expression changes so you can live a healthier life.

Prevent diseases or health conditions

Many diseases and health conditions are significantly less likely to occur when someone is treating their body well. Heart diseases, certain cancers, and neurological degeneration diseases are all less severe when someone is following epigenetic recommendations as well.

The Environments of genetics

Our genes can be affected by anything we eat, how much we exercise, how stressed we are, or any other number of factors. Clear Bridge Biomedics’ Epigenetic Test will tell you how your genes interact with your environment and actions and how to improve your overall wellbeing

Understanding your results

Genetic test results are complicated documents. Often, it takes an expert in the field of genetic counseling to help patients interpret the results and decide on next steps.

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•Anyone looking to improve their overall health.

Anyone looking for personalized diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Anyone looking for information on effective disease or condition management beyond standard pills and medication.

Anyone looking for a way to find their biological age.

Uses for Epigenetic Testing

See how swiftly your body is aging.

Find reversible epigenetic changes.

Find ways to naturally boost your immune system.

Minimize diseases like cancer and neurological conditions.

eipgenetics is Medicine, Personalized!

Medication is symptom management, but often does not help ease the underlying conditions. Epigenetics can help patients decide what their next life steps should be.

epigenetic testing is safe. There are no physical risks to taking an at-home epigenetic test. Usually, the most discomfort you will have when taking an epigenetic test is a cheek swab. There may be mental and/or emotional risk to taking an epigenetic test, just like any other genetic tests. There may be information you do not want to know in terms of possible disease risk. If you are concerned about the results of an epigenetic test, talk to your doctor or a genetic counselor before ordering genetic testing.

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epigenetic testing from Clear Bridge Biomedics is quick, easy, and affordable.

Clear Bridge Biomedics prides itself on providing the highest quality genetic tests right to your door. When you order your epigenetic testing kit, we will help you connect to your local healthcare provider or genetic specialist. From there, you can begin to unlock the secrets of your body’s reaction to its environment. So why wait? Order today!