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Ambulatory EEG

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of brain or neural pathway disorders such as seizures, epilepsy, brain inflammation (encephalitis), strokes, or certain sleep disorders, you may consider requesting Clear Bridge Biomedics’ Ambulatory EEG brain scan test.

At home or on the go

Ambulatory EEGs are designed to be worn wherever you are in your daily life. Whether reading a book, buying groceries, or at your job, the low-key design is meant to be worn throughout the duration of your test with minimal discomfort.

Simple and painless

There are no risks to taking an ambulatory EEG test. Because of the non-invasive nature of the test, it is incredibly safe. There might be slight discomfort when the test is prepared, but often this discomfort disappears as one gets used to the equipment.

Accurate Brainwave measurements

Many neural conditions may only occur at certain times of the day or only with certain environmental triggers. An ambulatory EEG allows these daily occurrences to be captured outside the doctors office, leading to more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding your results

Clear Bridge Biomedics will deliver the test results right back to you! If you want, we can also deliver them to a healthcare provider of your choice to discuss next treatment steps.

Take the first step for Ambulatory EEG Testing!


•Any patient exhibiting seizures or possible epilepsy.

Any patient with a possible diagnosis of a brain lesion, sometimes caused by tumors or strokes.

Patients experiencing narcolepsy.

Some patients experiencing Alzheimer’s disease.

Some patients wanting to evaluate overall brain electrical activity (sometimes used to diagnose or treat traumas).

Anyone whose medical professional has recommended an ambulatory EEG.

Any patient exhibiting seizures or possible epilepsy

Any patient with a possible diagnosis of a brain lesion

Patients experiencing narcolepsy

Some patients experiencing Alzheimer’s disease

Trigger conditions for an Ambulatory EEG?

Seizures and Epilepsy

Changes in body chemistry that affect the brain

Brain diseases

Alzheimer’s Disease

Abnormal Confusion

Unexplained fainting or memory loss

Serious head injuries

Infections and tumors

What to expect during the test

Ambulatory EEGs are non-invasive, extended brain scans. There may only be a slight discomfort when the test is applied
Specialists will mark your scalp with a special marker to help place the electrodes accurately. The electrodes simply pick up and amplify brainwaves so the EEG can record them. Then simply go about your day as normal. 

Do not shower with an EEG. This will cause the equipment to malfunction and distort the readings.
If you are taking a 48 or 72 hour Ambulatory EEG, our equipment will come with instructions on how to change the batteries in the machine.