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Kratom edibles (such as gummies) and Kratom powder in a chart format, highlighting their key differences: DOSAGE CHART & INFO

Characteristic Kratom Edibles (e.g., Gummies) Kratom Powder
Form Solid (gummies, candies) Loose powder
Taste Flavored, masks bitterness Bitter, unpleasant for some
Dosage Control Pre-dosed, more precise Flexible but requires measuring
Preparation No preparation needed Needs brewing or encapsulation
Onset of Effects Slower onset (due to digestion) Faster onset
Duration of Effects Potentially longer lasting Varies, generally shorter
Portability Highly portable Less convenient to transport
Discreetness More discreet Less discreet
Shelf Life Typically longer Depends on storage conditions
Customizability Limited, fixed formulations Highly customizable (dose, mix with other ingredients)

This table outlines the fundamental differences between these two forms of Kratom, from their physical form to the nuances in how they are used and experienced.

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